About Me

Phil Glenister

Phil is a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach, who specialises in motivating and inspiring his clients to grow and develop way beyond their limiting beliefs and self-imposed boundaries.

A firm advocate of continuous and on-going development, Phil is a passionate and enthusiastic hypnotherapist, motivator and coach.

He has a down to earth attitude and holistic approach towards his work that puts clients at ease. Phil has experienced several major injuries himself whilst competing in a number of sports and has overcome them with the correct post injury treatment and hypnotherapy. Therefore, Phil has first-hand experience of how effective and potent hypnotherapy can be in facilitating a return to the sporting arena.

His commitment and focus, along with the power of hypnosis, helps the client build strategies that will enable them to resolve the areas they require focus on, as well as help them successfully achieve their goals and ambitions.

His aim is to provide clients with unique, focused, sustainable, long-term solutions.

Please contact Phil in confidence to find out how the power of hypnotherapy can provide positive change to your thinking, your lifestyle and your future.