Hypnotherapy for Sports performance – Get the ‘edge’ on your competitors?

Hurdles-IS6094954To gain competitive advantage many sportsmen and women, at all levels, are turning to hypnotherapy for sports performance to keep them focused and at the top of their game.

It has often been said that sport is 80% mental, however, only a small percentage consider training their minds.

Regardless of the sport, hypnotherapy can expand and boost an individual’s mental approach to their respective discipline by helping them to relax, boost confidence, eliminate anxieties as well as increase concentration, motivation and focus.

As far back as the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, the Soviet Union utilised a team of eleven hypnotherapists and they finished top of the medal table.

Since then, as well as Olympians, a whole host of other sports have recognised and used the power of hypnosis. The list is long and includes competitors from the world of golf, cricket, boxing, football, tennis, cycling, archery, swimming, diving and horse riding.

Successful and top performing athletes control their state of mind and therefore possess a psychological advantage.


How can hypnotherapy help sports performance

Hypnotherapy for sports performance will:

  • enable peak performance
  • provide a positive mind set
  • increase your confidence
  • reinforce self-belief
  • increase motivation
  • break through mental blocks and barriers
  • eliminate anxieties
  • enhance your concentration and focus
  • maintain competing in the zone
  • eliminate returning from injury concerns
  • dramatically increase endurance
  • program sports success
  • alleviate pre-competition nerves
  • develop mental stamina
  • preserve composure in the most competitive situations

Enjoy the benefits of possessing the mind-set of a winner

Imagine approaching a competition mentally strong, focused, motivated and possessing cast iron self-belief.

The power of the Chertsey Hypnotherapy Sports Performance programme will enable you to compete effectively in your chosen sport, with supreme confidence, in the knowledge that you are mentally prepared and possess an advantage over your competitor.

Furthermore, your entry into ‘The Zone’ will be accelerated, thus enabling peak performance.

Use the power of the subconscious in a confidential and safe environment to transform your sports performance.


Injured or returning from injury?

man-on-crutches-paid-smallIt is natural that an athlete may have concerns returning to their sport after injury. Will I be able to play pain free? Will I reach the same level of performance prior to the injury? Along with the fear of re- injury, these are common anxieties.

Working as a team with your physiotherapist, hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool in helping the athlete with their post injury recovery plan.

Using hypnotherapy, we teach the subconscious to overcome such anxieties and provide the appropriate tools to enable the athlete to return to their chosen sport to compete with freedom and the utmost confidence.

How can hypnotherapy help the different sports

Cycle-pack-smallSupporting cyclists at all levels in Track, Time Trial, Mountain Bike and Road Race. Having the correct mind-set is essential, for example, in the Velodrome, a road race or ascending a steep incline.
It has often been said the mind ‘gives up’ before the body.  However, with the help of the Chertsey Hypnotherapy Sports Performance programme, this will not be the case. Utilising various techniques and tools, hypnosis will provide the cyclist with iron self-belief, unbreakable willpower and the mental endurance required to excel.

iStock_000006679498SmallEnabling golfers at all levels to improve their game by providing them with an ‘extra club’ in their golf bag – the psychological edge. A game of fine margins, none more so when all eyes are on you to hit a straight drive down the fairway or to sink that straightforward ‘simple’ putt to win a match.

Remaining calm and in the zone is essential and possible using the power of hypnosis and utilising the effective tools provided by Chertsey Hypnotherapy.

Young woman playing tennis, celebrating victory,  aerial view of courtWhen working with clients to improve their tennis game, ignoring the pressure applied by the opposition and even your partner (if playing doubles) is a big part of the game. Also it is important for them to be able to “reset” their mind, particularly after losing an important point.

Another useful technique is to visualise serves with a positive outcome before actually delivering each serve. Visualisation plays a big part in giving the subconscious the right message about what you want to happen.

The start line up of runners hands at an athletics race.By providing the laser focus that is required to compete, if ever the term ‘the edge’ was applicable to a sport, it could be argued it is in the arena of athletics. Such fine margins in both track and field events will of course determine an athletes place on the podium.

Chertsey Hypnotherapy can help an athlete sharpen their skills, fine-tune a technique and instil the concentration and supreme self-belief required that will provide a powerful, effective and critical advantage over their competitors.

Cricket bowler with ball in handWhen working with clients to maintain their composure, particularly at critical times in a game, while at the crease waiting for the bowler to start their run up knowing that you have to find the boundary to win a match or perhaps you’re the bowler in this scenario, bowling at an in form, confident and well set batsman . . .

The Chertsey Hypnotherapy Sports Performance programme provides powerful, effective tools to enable you to maintain your focus and self-belief throughout the game and during those moments that can define a game or even a season.