How stressed are you?

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This week National Stress Awareness Day took place which brought into focus the impact of stress on the individual.

It is estimated the financial cost to the UK has been estimated at £60 billion or about £1,000 per woman, man and child

Stress is widely known to contribute to the more serious physical illnesses, as well as being the cause for obesity, which in itself is rapidly growing in numbers.

It is both a natural and normal reaction in certain situations. Furthermore, stress is often a motivator in everyday life, such as in the work place, in the sporting arena and in numerous other competitive conditions.

Technically speaking it is arguable there is no such thing as a stressful situation, they are just situations. Every individual has a choice concerning how they respond to a situation. Hypnotherapy for stress helps you to choose more appropriately.

While some people would become very stressed by an event, such as meeting a deadline, others would view it with confidence and excitement.

Stress can come about when an individual has numerous pressures that gradually wear down the ability to cope and deal with them effectively. Consequently, this can leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted.

How stressed are you?

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