What is Hypnotherapy?

An iceberg is a wonderful analogy to describe the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind, i.e. the conscious mind, a small, visible part above the surface and the subconscious, a huge part below. The conscious mind is responsible for creating logical order, thinking analytically, as well as for our awareness in the waking state. It enables us to consciously experience the physical world through the five senses.

The submerged and greater part of the iceberg, the subconscious mind, contains all our emotions, stores our memories – what we have seen, heard and experienced, from events in our past. It is also responsible for every physiological function of the body. For example, the subconscious mind will learn a pattern of behaviour, such as riding a bike or running. Consequently, after the subconscious mind has learnt, through repetition, how to cycle or run, there will be no need for the conscious mind to intervene.

The subconscious mind also stores the less resourceful and occasionally problematic, learned responses and behaviours that may include, for example, suffering from anxiety, such as exam or pre competition nerves.

Therefore, it naturally follows the power and effectiveness of hypnotherapy lies in accessing the subconscious to make powerful and effective changes.


  • Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds–Napoleon Hill

What is hypnotherapy – your questions answered

The hypnotic state is a very natural state of heightened mental awareness and focused concentration, as well as physical relaxation that all of us are capable of experiencing.

Throughout the day we can experience different states of consciousness.

One such example is when we are extremely absorbed in reading a book or captivated by a film, to the degree that we may not even hear someone in the same room talking to us. In these situations we are in a waking trance state.

There are several myths concerning hypnosis, however, it is important to be aware of the truths, such as anyone who wants to be hypnotised can be hypnotised, although the depth of trance varies with each person.

Whilst in trance you cannot be made to do anything against your basic belief system, furthermore it is not possible to get stuck in a trance.

During hypnosis you may fall asleep however, when you awaken you will be out of trance.

Finally, be assured that you can open your eyes at any time and the trance is broken, you are in total control.

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